How to place train a puppy?

Start by standing near the bed or mat that will serve as a place for your dog. Give him the command place and then use a treat to lure the dog to his place. Do it several times, but do not exceed the short 10-minute training session. Then make sure you give your dog a break and maybe even play with it before you try again.

As soon as you have rewarded your dog for going to his house, you can use the word of liberation to release him. Repeat this several times, but again, don't exceed the 10-minute training session time limit. After you've mastered the 15-day duration and growing distractions, you're ready for the next step: change location. Now that your dog knows he has to wait for a launch signal, you can show him what “place” means.

Instead, persuade them that their place is a great place to be by using positive training and high-value treats. By adding the place pattern to your puppy's training regime, you incorporate a training game that will motivate your puppy to listen and move forward, and learn their obedience orders even faster. Once you have experience with a dog that has gone through a training place to learn, you will never have a dog that you don't teach. I personally started training with a crib, but once you teach the concept, you can pair the command with any object.

The PLACE command is simply to train your dog to go to a specific place, such as a dog bed, a mat, a raised platform, or a table top. If you are looking for a more comprehensive dog training program, Spirit Dog Training offers a wide variety of online training classes for very specific objectives.

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